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Learning objectives

This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the surgical anatomy and techniques for functional- and esthetic rhinoplasty. More experienced surgeons will have the opportunity to enhance their skills in the finesses of esthetic rhinoplasty while less experienced surgeons can learn and practice the basic principals in nasal surgery.


The course aims to teach in theory and practice (fresh frozen cadaver dissection) the modern rhinoplasty techniques to you on:

  • Basic approaches; non-delivery, delivery and external approach. 

  • The nasal septum: septal deviations, septal perforation.

  • Grafts in nasal surgery; harvesting techniques and composite grafts.

  • The nasal dorsum; dorsal preservation versus hump resection, controlling the deviated dorsum, dorsal augmentation techniques, sculpturing of the nasal bones with powered versus cold steel instruments.

  • Tip surgery: tip grafts, suture techniques, controlling projection and rotation.

  • The Ala; alar insufficiency, alar base surgery, alar-columellar relationship.

  • Guidelines to pediatric rhinoplasty.

  • Revision surgery.

  • The cleft-lip patient.

  • Ethnic rhinoplasty.

  • Nasal reconstruction and skin flaps.

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