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Performing Surgery

32st International Course in Advanced Rhinoplasty Techniques
October 25, 26, 27 - 2023
Utrecht – The Netherlands

As in previous years this unique course will showcase the expertise and knowledge of world renowned surgeons in the field of rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.  

Meet The Course Directors

Dirk Jan Menger and Gilbert Nolst Trenité invite you to attend the 2023 course at the University Medical Center in Utrecht. Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal) will be joining us in 2023 as Teacher of Honour.


Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira


Gilbert Nolst Trenité


Dirk Jan Menger

The course is offered for continuing medical education of residents, fellows and practicing physicians. The international and multidisciplinary faculty will lead the participants from the consultation to the management of the most challenging rhinoplasty- and facial plastic procedures. This will be accomplished with didactic lectures, expert panels, live surgery and a hands-on fresh frozen cadaver dissection lab.

Come join us in Utrecht !



In response to the developments regarding Covid-19,

we will closely follow the directives issued by the responsible authorities.

At the current time, we remain optimistic that the Advanced Rhinoplasty Course can be held as scheduled in October 25 - 27, 2023.


In the unfavorable scenario that the Course has to be cancelled or you are not able to join us, you will be automatically scheduled for the 2024 Course, or later if you prefer.

If you have any questions please let us know by sending us an email.

Dissection Blepharoplasty

New workshop in the 2023 course:  

Practice hands-on upper- and lower eyelid surgery on fresh frozen cadavers.

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